Decca Tree, 1 meter spacing
Decca Tree, 1 meter spacing
the Mic Locker Decca Tree

Photos from a decca tree, DPA, and Neumann rental . The decca tree microphones are mounted to adjustable clamps for quick and simple positioning. Metric measurement is printed on top of the tree for accurate placement and documentation. The photos show a 1 meter spacing approach.

We were fortunate to have three Gefells with M93 omni capsules outfitted with acoustic pressure equalizers, provided by Rick Ruggieri.

The microphone list included DPA 4006, Neuman U89, KM 184, TLM 103, and an AKG C24 courteously provided by the team of engineers at St. Olaf College. 

Multi-track recording of Choir and Orchestra on a Pro Tools HD rig provided by Allied Audio.


Neumann Badge Facts!

Black Badge = Valve (vacume tube)
Purple Badge = Transformer Output
Red Badge = TLM (transformerless output)
Green Badge = Dynamic
Blue Badge = AES42 Digital

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